Living life as an artist IS A PRACTICE.

You are either engaging in the practice or you’re not.
- Rick Rubin
At Swing Set, we engage. We are a creative studio passionate about helping our clients succeed, experts at understanding the strategic nuances of every project and always looking for new and inventive ways to tell your story. We are open and approachable, here as your partner to realize your vision, for every aspect of every project.

It all starts with an idea, then you gotta make it happen.

We offer turn-key production and post-production solutions. Amazing Producers, Directors, and Creative Editorial, Color Correction, CG, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics Capabilities, all the way through building your perfect soundscape. Check out the reels we've put together to show off our work.


Like sitting around a campfire with your closest friends telling stories, we'll tell it the way it is, or... the way you imagined it could have been.

VISUal Effects

From on-set supervision to rig removal, green screen and anything else you can imagine, there's no project too magical for us to conquer.


From a simple reveal to Tinkerbell’s fairy dust spread throughout the land, everything’s better with Motion. Here's a fun little montage. I mean who doesn’t need a good montage from time to time?

CG Animation

CG has come a long way from that first impressive T-Rex in the theatre. Today we’re flying on dragons and flying over cars in a field of snow. OK so, maybe we’re more of the latter, but CG is cool.

color correction

Color evokes emotion. We’re crying just writing this, but – what color is that tear? Oh, a little too warm or is it a tear of ice? We can color other things too, like feature films, cars, even hot dogs… we got you.


Our Editors are accomplished Music Supervisors and sound designers. Listen to how sound plays a huge role in bringing these visuals to life.


If you have a project that you’d like to discuss or if you just want to talk, contact us at any time.

Tobin Kirk

Managing Director

Chanel Boyd

Executive Producer